Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Ceremony Fun

Today for my daughter's class I made Olympic torch cupcakes and it was so easy and they were such a hit that I thought I would share. I saw a picture of this on Pinterest last week and I knew it would be perfect. Use any cake recipe or mix you want. I used a simple vanilla cake. You will also need regular kids shape ice cream cones your favorite frosting recipe, food colouring, a piping bag with an open star tip and some deep loaf pans. You bake these straight in the cone!
Make the cake batter, put the cones in the loaf pans and then fill them about 2/3 full. They take a bit longer to bake so keep checking them with a long cake tester.
The icing I used was just butter and icing sugar and vanilla. I then made 3 different shades of orange and yellow. I ran a bead of red gel food coloring down one side of the bag and dark orange down the other side. Then put all 3 colours of icing in the piping bag together.
When you do the icing you just pipe straight up.
And Ta Daaa Olympic Torches.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pin madness.

I have recently re-acquired my fantastic Singer sewing machine that I bought for my self in 1989... yep that long ago. I had sold it when I left the country and my wonderful aunt who bought it has given it back. I am in sewing heaven. Any way I can't find enough things to sew. I have gone crazy on pajamas. I am in the middle of a footie pj binge and I am soon moving on to cutie rainbow pjs for my 6.5 yr old. I am even going to attempt to draft a peter pan collar. (we will see how that goes)I have gone a little homemade crazy since I found Pinterest and now I am half way through a few too many projects... oops. Don't tell my husband. The crochet and knitting bug has hit kinda hard too. There are so many amazing projects on Pinterest. I can't stop looking. Its lucky I'm not a quilter because I would have projects planned for years. As it is I will be making pot holders, dish cloths, sugar cubes, bouncy balls, bunting, sidewalk chalk and Olympic Torch Cupcakes in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Update 13/9/2012: I have made 5 pairs of different pj's. The Olympic Torch cupcakes worked out great. I am in the middle of some baby wash cloths using the dishcloth pattern and since this post I found a great recipe for bathtub finger paint which my kids are crazy for. I have made it 5 times now.